Killing Commanders

"Did you really just try to hit me with your head?"

The party open the door and are immediately greeted by hobgoblin guards! They are easy to fight off, but not before one of them shouts for help. Doors open to the side and a female hobgoblin appears. She throws herself into the combat, shouting for guards herself as more approach from behind.

The fight escalates, everyone on both sides of the conflict taking heavy damage. The female hobgoblin yells for help and the final combatant joins the fray. What appears to be the fort’s new commander charges in and lays about the group with his huge sword with gleeful abandon.

Falk fells Fethi, but she has just enough life left in her to take a potion! Falk, Sayo and Unkabunk battle on while Tiranoc slings magic across the room, incapacitating the commander in fits of laughter. After a vicious stab to the shoulder, Sayomiden is taken down by the hobgoblin in a lightning-fast counter attack.

In return Falk caves her chest in with his flail. The final hobgoblin grunt is killed by Unkabunk after a messy, hard-fought fight, and Falk takes the final swing to cave in the commander’s head.

The fight over, the bodies of Fethi Ken-Shakkas and Pavo Vos lie at the group’s feet. Sayomiden is revived, and Falk uses the divine power of his god to heal wounds. The bodies are examined and taken to the hidden armoury discovered earlier.

Unkabunk and Tiranoc explore the open rooms and Tiranoc becomes engrossed in the library of Fort Fanghill. Vos was looking for a magical book, hidden within some ‘arcane chambers’ beneath the fort.


1 x Potion of Bull’s Strength
2 x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
3 x Javelins
1 x Bracers of Armour +1
1 x Cloak of Resistance +1
1 x Masterwork half-plate
1 x Heavy Steel Shield
1 x +1 Bastard Sword
1 x Dagger



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