Sayomiden Greywyn

I am a leaf on the wind


Sayomiden is a young, short, olive skined boy bearly 19 years of age. He adorns over his worn set of battered leather armor a large brown coat concealing his many daggers.

Sayomiden Greywyn

Male Human smuggler 4
CN Medium
Init 5; Senses ; Perception 8

AC 16; Touch 11; Flat-Footed 12
HP 25; Wounds —; Non-Lethal —
Fort 1 ; Ref 5 ; Will 2
DR —; Immune —; Resist —; SR —

Speed 30;
Melee (, ); ;
Ranged 4 (5 in surprise round) Dagger (1d4+2, 19-20/x2); P/S; +2 conceal


Komesh Greywyn was born into a wealthy family and was pampered as a child. Still, he felt alone. He would trick and steal for pleasure. At 18, he ran away from home when his parents forced him into an arranged marrage.

He traveled across the country, stealing whatever he could to live out his fantasy of being an international theif. Honing his skills, he was recruited by many an up-and-coming thieves guild. He became a master thief by the young age of 25.

During the end of his travels, he met a beautiful girl named Pindi. Soon after, they were wed and settled down. Komesh provided for his family the only way he knew how, and with a baby on the way, he needed as much as he could steal.

Pindi gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Sayomiden. The two loved their son more than life, and did whatever they could to give him a good life. At age 6, his father decided that he should be given skills that he could always use to make a living. At 10, Sayomiden could pick locks, pockets, and steal almost anything. By 14, he was inducted into his father’s guild and went on many jobs with he and his father’s partner Hawk as their apprentice.

When he was 16, on one very important job, his father was betrayed and killed by Hawk, who was working as a double agent for a rival guild. Rather than take his father’s place, Sayomiden left the guild and traveled the world like his father had.

Now 19, he works toward two goals: avenging his father, and making as much money as he possibly can.

Sayomiden Greywyn

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