Tiranoc Kaamil

Peace through Strength of Words and Weight of Reason


Tiranoc dresses simply. He prefers practical clothing as opposed to the typical clothing of high society. His daily clothes are no more than long pants, boots, a long sleeved shirt with a vest, and a cloak. All of simple colors. The one point that might stand out is how clean and un-wrinkled most of it is. He takes pride in his appearance despite his tendency to not dress up.

He offers his services as a mediator or negotiator where it is needed. He’s worked as a simple scribe when the time called for it, as well as been part of a council for some nobles. His intelligence lends him to be quite useful to those who lack it, for a price.


From Veluna, born of two higher ranking Elves of the theocracy, Tiranoc was exposed to politics and religion for the majority of his life. His Guardians, whose marriage and bearing of a child were more for the benefit and mere convenience of it than for such petty things as love, raised him in this environment.

Tiranoc was raised under his very strict Guardians. They were very dedicated followers of Rao. They instilled in him a very strong sense of reason. The ideals of Rao were burned into his mind. He highly values logic, and distrusts those that are lead by their emotions. He takes the values of Rao to a point that he thinks is correct and necessary. He prefers peaceful outcomes to violent ones, but violence does have it’s uses. Those that actively go against logic and reason he deems as unnecessary and will remove them if able. Whether that be through discourse or force is up to them.

Tiranoc Kaamil

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