Unkabunk SkullCleaver

I'm just a humble half-orc with a big-ass axe.


Bunk is a a half orc, standing around 6 feet tall weighting 15 stone, is solid muscle and sinew. His jet black hair falls messily to his shoulders, and his face sports a short scraggly beard. His green tinted skin is covered in tribal tattoos which he would mark himself with after each victory. While his body took after his father mostly his facial features are mostly human making him less of a sore sight than a typical half-orc. Despite this, Bunk still receives stares, glares and dirty looks from humans and the other “civilized races” in the big city.


Unkabunk Skullcleaver AKA ‘Bunk’ grew up in a tribe where fighting was the way of life. Emerging from the pits victorious put you at the top of the clan. Respect was earned by shedding blood. Although there were magic users in his clan, Shamans were not celebrated like those that used raw strength to best their opponents. Magic users are accepted for their usefulness but mistrusted due to the mysteries of their powers. Bunk had always been especially mistrusting because magic users were the only opponents that had ever bested him with ease. Even though Bunk’s mother was human, he still maintained much of the strength of his Orc brethren while gaining the intelligence of his human heritage. This intellectual sharpness gave him an edge in the pits, allowing him to predict the movements of his opponents even before they knew. He quickly rose up the ranks to champion of his clan, facing other local clan champions, even they were little challenge for him. Fed up with the lack of challenge provided locally, Bunk ventured out into the wide world looking for fighters who could rival his prowess and might. His travels led him to the city Raknor where he is seeking his first fight since leaving the tribe. All he carries on him is basic traveling supplies, sparse leather armor and the massive axe that his father bestowed on him before he left on his journey.

Unkabunk SkullCleaver

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