Albrecht Falk

The longer the man is in the fight, the more likely he is to prevail


Slightly taller than average, barrell chested. Strong but not the strongest – has an oft remarked upon sturdiness and survivability.

Thick neck and broad face, broken nose. Not an attractive man but age has given him an appearance of a man who should be listened to – on matters of battle, at least. Closely cropped black hair, permanent stubble. Scar on right cheek.


Years of service in the guard of a number of towns and cities, relied upon for his grim adherence to his post but never promoted for his perceived inability to lead.

Respects a strong sword arm and duty in battle, but hasn’t been beyond dispensing with unrespected leaders for his own personal gain – whether for gold or position. Enjoys food and wine. Gruff/melancholic on occassion. Finds peace in solitude, whether in journeying from place to place as a mercenary in recent years, or on patrol or at his post as a guard. Appreciates a well made blade or armour. Son of a blacksmith.

Albrecht Falk

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