Killing Commanders
"Did you really just try to hit me with your head?"

The party open the door and are immediately greeted by hobgoblin guards! They are easy to fight off, but not before one of them shouts for help. Doors open to the side and a female hobgoblin appears. She throws herself into the combat, shouting for guards herself as more approach from behind.

The fight escalates, everyone on both sides of the conflict taking heavy damage. The female hobgoblin yells for help and the final combatant joins the fray. What appears to be the fort’s new commander charges in and lays about the group with his huge sword with gleeful abandon.

Falk fells Fethi, but she has just enough life left in her to take a potion! Falk, Sayo and Unkabunk battle on while Tiranoc slings magic across the room, incapacitating the commander in fits of laughter. After a vicious stab to the shoulder, Sayomiden is taken down by the hobgoblin in a lightning-fast counter attack.

In return Falk caves her chest in with his flail. The final hobgoblin grunt is killed by Unkabunk after a messy, hard-fought fight, and Falk takes the final swing to cave in the commander’s head.

The fight over, the bodies of Fethi Ken-Shakkas and Pavo Vos lie at the group’s feet. Sayomiden is revived, and Falk uses the divine power of his god to heal wounds. The bodies are examined and taken to the hidden armoury discovered earlier.

Unkabunk and Tiranoc explore the open rooms and Tiranoc becomes engrossed in the library of Fort Fanghill. Vos was looking for a magical book, hidden within some ‘arcane chambers’ beneath the fort.


1 x Potion of Bull’s Strength
2 x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
3 x Javelins
1 x Bracers of Armour +1
1 x Cloak of Resistance +1
1 x Masterwork half-plate
1 x Heavy Steel Shield
1 x +1 Bastard Sword
1 x Dagger

Sneaking into the Fort
"Hextor rid this gloom."

The party, under the cover of darkness, sneak up to the fort, hastily searching the surroundings for signs of one of the secret entrances. Eventually they find one and enter Fort Fanghill finally.

Sneaking through the tunnels leads the group to what appears to be a hidden armoury, where goods can be found, although none are taken. The party follow the tunnels and climb a ladder to the second floor of the building, finding another hidden room above.

The group find a door, and open it to find the battlements over the front entrance of the fort, accompanied by several hobgoblin archers!

After dispatching the archers the group take the only course left to them – the set of double doors leading back into the centre of the fort’s upper floor.

Hiding in Forests
"Not being seen is quite an advantage."

The group head to Fort Fanghill, and set up in the forest to the south to observe the comings and goings.

Soon enough they are confronted with a patrol of hobgoblins wearing ill-fitting uniforms of the fort’s guard. They set about putting down the patrol, though not before a signal horn is blown.

Another group sets off from Fanghill to investigate the alarm, and the party convince one of them to return to their commander and warn them of an impending invasion.

Diversion in place, the group sneak through the forest as the fort empties of guards in preparation of a fictitious attacking force.

A Mission Accepted
"If we saved this fort for Raknor we would be heroes."

The group receive a missive from Lance De Gost and go to meet with him at his mansion within Raknor.

Lance tells the party of a fort outside the city integral in its defence that has possibly suffered incursion by unknown forces. He asks the group to liberate Fort Fanghill from any occupying force.

Much debate ensues and it transpires that De Gost has a spy within the fort, Akre Barling, who he would like to see safe or at least know of his fate.

One final request is made before accepting the mission – that the party acquire an item of power from within the fort, an ancient tome of some kind. In exchange he offers the party another 2000 gold once he has the book in his possession.

Mission accepted, the group head back to The Rookery inn in Raknor and prepare to depart.

The group are given the following by De Gost:

2 x Elixir of Hiding
1 x scroll of Knock
1 x scroll of Hold Portal

Battles Within the City
"Wow! I didn't think that'd actually work!"

Once back in Raknor, De Gost introduces the new arrival as Sayomiden, a previous business associate. Lance asks the pair to meet at his home the following day as he may have some business for them.

The trio now head into Raknor and are approached by a man inviting Falk to fight in the arena against the reigning champion. Falk agrees, and soon finds himself about to compete.

He and the champion, UnkaBunk, join in battle to the cheering crowd. In the crowd, Sayomiden and another watcher, Tiranoc, notice strange figures approaching. In an instant the fake battle turns real as all four are attacked by werewolves, eventually dispatching them mercilessly.

A Showdown in the Woods
"Your men are weak, rogue."

The pair head back to Raknor, passing through Silverwood forest on the way. Soon enough they are held up by a band of highwaymen. Falk quickly recognises their leader from the previous encounter on the road to Raknor. He is introduced as Lance De Gost, and he makes a deal with Falk for the relic once they make it back to Raknor.

They head off to the city and are stopped by guards at the gate. It looks as if a fight is about to break out before a young man comes up and negotiates their way into the city.

Meeting the Gods
"I make no claim to be more deserving than a rock..."

Falk and Splinter find themselves in some form of purgatory – an endless black desert under a starry sky. They walk for what feel like millennia and finally come upon a circle of thrones in the sand, each adorned with the symbol of a deity.

Falk enters the circle and is soon greeted by the gods themselves. A discourse occurs in which Falk is asked to justify his existence. Question of character and person are asked, and answers given. One of Karth’s many deities feels a connection with Falk’s character, and soon he is selected to be a cleric of his new god, Hextor.

He and Splinter suddenly appear back in the cave below the sanatorium of Silverwood, their dead bodies and their slayers before them. The pair waste no time in felling their killers, filling the chalice with the healing spring’s water, and leaving Silverwood.

Gargoyles, Gargoyles, Bigger Gargoyles and Death
"Let's find this spring and get out of here."

The pair travel to Silverwood, encountering several strange white statues in improbable locations along the way. Arriving, they find the village deserted, yet filled with more statues of people and animals all throughout the small town.

Looking around the town, Falk decides to head into the sanatorium, the main attraction of this little forest dwelling. Before doing so, the party are attacked by several gargoyles from the roof of the building. A fight ensues, and eventually all three beasts are crumbled to dust. The pair decide to sleep the night to replenish their strength before continuing on in the morning.

Entering the sanatorium the next day the pair move through the deserted building and make their way down into the basement, finding a passageway leading to a natural cave system. They enter the caves and come across a strange sight – an altar set up within the healing spring being prayed over by a huge gargoyle wearing robes of Nerull. Another fight breaks out but, unbeknownst to the pair, another creature also inhabits the caves and joins the fight. Overpowered, Falk and Splinter are killed…

A Simple Task is Given
"I find no shame in fair pay for fair work."

Falk and Splinter arrive in Raknor and report to the temple to hand over the relic. They meet Prelate Hylley, the head of the temple, and his advisor Premier Tane.

They are asked to carry out a further quest for the temple, for which they will be paid handsomely. Tasked with travelling to a small forest village named Silverwood, and filling the relic, a cup, with water from the purported healing spring found there, the duo accept.

After the meeting with the Prelate, the pair are approached by Premier Tane separately and asked, in hushed tones, to return the filled cup to him directly, rather than bringing it back to the temple and to Hylley.

Troubles on the Road
"We need to get this cart moving."

Falk and Splinter follow the road from Varberghof to Raknor and come upon a stranded cart with a broken wheel. While stopping to offer assistance, a strange and supernatural mist came over the area inciting violence from all caught within it. Falk and Splinter manage to subdue the men sent to guard the cart while the mist infected their minds.

Soon after that, the group are attacked by bandits from the nearby trees. The bandits seek to steal the religious artefact the cart is carrying to Raknor, but are fought off by Falk and Splinter, several losing their lives in the process. The leader manages to escape, leaving Falk and Splinter to escort the cart the rest of the way to the city.


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